Week 4, (late), #25, straight out of camera, home sweet home

Though my camera has been in my hands practically All weekend, and more than 2000 photos await my inbox for editing, this one, taken by my cell phone moved me.

This aircraft carrier was my home for the first 6 years of my adult life, and it is my first time seeing it in 6 years since I’ve moved back to Florida. This ship brings many fond memories in addition to the symbolism of freedom and independence it provided me.

Beyond the freedom and independence that our military provides our country, it has provided me the ability to be independent and able to provide for my family. It has taught me life skills, and taught me to be accountable. Most important, it has engrained it’s core values of honor, courage, and commitment into essence of everything I am.

Though this time in the navy has passed and seems to be growing distant from memory, it remains near and dear to my heart. And I long to be close to it again.